Worldwide Promotions DMCC 2406, Tiffany Tower, JLT



In the interests of its clients, Worldwide Promotions DMCC provides a full range of services for transactions in the international market of industrial goods, including:

  • regularly analyzes international commodity markets, industrial goods markets, monitors the dynamics of market prices, demand and supply of goods, prepares conclusions on the effectiveness of investments in the markets of raw materials and industrial products
  • monitors applications of industrial enterprises for the purchase of industrial products at commodity exchanges, electronic platforms, official websites of such companies
  • establishes business relations with manufacturers and consumers of industrial products, identifies the needs of enterprises in the supply of raw materials and resources
  • conducts negotiations with potential buyers and suppliers of industrial products on the terms of delivery/purchase of products, seeking exclusive prices and terms of delivery
  • organizes transactions on the acquisition and supply of raw materials, equipment, components … from the conclusion of the contract to…
  • attracts specialized logistics and trading companies in various countries to support supply of goods, storage, delivery, pre-sale preparation
  • analyses effectiveness of client investment in the acquisition and supply of industrial products,
  • advises clients on
  • investments in the acquisition and supply of industrial products;
  • organization of financing transactions in the international markets of industrial products ; – taxation of transactions in the international markets of industrial products
  • international logistics, customs law, legal issues
  • provides accounting and tax reporting services for clients
  • We provide preparation of legal documents for transactions of purchase and delivery of goods in accordance with the international law and the laws of the countries-participants of the transaction