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World-class market

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WORLDWIDE Promotions DMCC (WWP) is the operator of global commodity and industrial product markets.

It provides the services for management and consulting when conducting the trading deals.


key suppliers all over the world

500+ million $

the scope of the deals arranged in 2017




key consumers all over the world


the deals made by the Company in 2017


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Our clients trust us and develop their business with us

We have combined all required services at one place

Thanks to huge experience, we have successfully established ourselves on the market,
We were able to create a reasonable scheme of cooperation with both new and regular customers.
Cooperation with us will let you:


To Fulfill The Contracts For Supply Of Certain Types Of Industrial Products, To Complete A Batch Of Products With A Wide Range Of Products, And To Get Exclusive Conditions For Purchase Of Goods, To Solve The Problem Of Non-Core Nomenclature Delivery.


To Organize Pre-Sale Preparation, Storage Of Goods, Loading And Unloading Operations With The Help Of Our Representatives And Extensive Business Relations With Local Partners In Europe And Asia And To Determine The Most Effective Logistical Schemes Of Delivery.


To Solve The Problems Of Maintenance Of Deliveries On The Territory Of The Country Of Origin Or The Country Of The Consumer, To Determine The Most Effective Logistical Schemes Of Delivery.


To Place Temporarily Available Funds Into Efficient Deals At The Commodity Markets With The Aim To Obtain Current Income.

01 Qualified personnel

Each of our employees has an extensive experience in the world markets of industrial products and foreign economic activity. Our team is our main resource.

02 ‘Turnkey’ Package Deals

We take care of all concerns related to the purchase, sale, quality control and logistics at the international market of industrial goods.

03 Full legal support

We provide preparation of legal documents for transactions in accordance with the international law and the laws of the countries-participants of the transaction.


Our clients are the largest international companies-manufactures and suppliers of goods
We value trust — it’s worth it.


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